About Us

Our History

PT. Supreme Paper Solution is a subsidiary of SPS Corporate, specializing in the Brown Paper Manufacturing Industry. Established in September 2022, PT. Supreme Paper Solution operates with a production facility spanning over 33 hectares located at Jl. Raya Pabuaran Km 1.8, Ds. Karang Mukti, Kec. Cipeundeuy, Subang, West Java. With a projected monthly production capacity of 30,000 tons, PT. Supreme Paper Solution ranks among the top 3 brown paper producers in Indonesia.

Market Focus

PT. Supreme Paper Solution primarily targets the domestic market, accounting for 70% of its sales, while the remaining 30% is dedicated to export markets. This focus ensures a strong presence in both local and international markets.

Commitment to Sustainability

In line with our responsibility to create a better environment for future generations, PT. Supreme Paper Solution is committed to using 100% recycled paper as raw material. This sustainable approach contributes to the preservation of natural resources and minimizes our ecological footprint.

One step forward

PT Supreme Paper Solution recognize the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as acknowledgement that our materials come from responsibly managed source that provide environmental, social and economic benefits to all stakeholders.